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Helloween: "We're not as big as Maiden, but we're way bigger than Spinal Tap"

In 1987 they were metal’s Next Big Things, but Helloween split acrimoniously, with a bitterness that lasted for decades. So why the hell are they re-forming now as Pumpkins United?

A few weeks ago, Kai Hansen listened to Helloween’s Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I and II albums for the first time in a while. He thought they were awesome. “No, fucking awesome,” says the man who co-founded the most successful heavy metal band that Germany has ever produced (who aren’t called the Scorpions).

It’s slightly surprising that he speaks so proudly of the twin pinnacles of his former group’s career, released within 15 months of each other in 1987 and 1988. Those two records stand among the finest heavy metal albums from that glorious decade, and their influence can be heard in every band that followed who dared to dream big, from DragonForce through to Nightwish.

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