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Meet Eric Gales, the guitar world’s best-kept secret

Praised by A-listers, but with decades lost to drugs and trouble with the law, Eric Gales is back, and ready to again be the player Joe Bonamassa has called “the best"

'I’ve been sick for so long/Now I’m finally starting to heal,’ Eric Gales sings on his latest album, Middle Of The Road. He chose that title not because he identifies with bland, compromised music, but because the titular position offers the best possible view of where he’s headed. “When I’m in the middle of the road I can see everything clearly,” the Memphis-born musician explains, at his home in Greensboro, North Carolina.

He chose that lyric because, after years of addiction and trouble with the law, he is finally well, both physically and spiritually, and travelling along the right path, managing to avoid the ditches on both sides.

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