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Inside Stone Sour's new album: Has Corey Taylor gone too far?

Jim Root gone. An album that feels like a rock’n’roll vanity project. Are Stone Sour really a democracy, or has Corey Taylor gone full dictator? We called a conference and demanded answers

The United States flag stands in the corner of the room. The ol’ Stars And Stripes: a symbol for freedom, liberty and justice. Its very appearance conjures images of towering cheeseburgers, Disneyland and bald eagles crowdsurfing to Bruce Springsteen.

In front of the flag sits a man in a suit. A man who is complaining about said suit, as it’s very rare he finds one that fits around his infamously gigantic neck. Laid out on his desk are battle plans for worldwide domination through Operation: Hydrograd. What is Hydrograd, you ask? That’s classified information... until the time is right.

The man in the hot seat is none other than Corey Taylor – one of the most powerful men in our world, both on and off the stage. Flanking him is his VP, guitarist Josh Rand, the only other surviving co-founder of Stone Sour. Josh is the quieter of the two, cool as ice, while Corey lives up to his Great Big Mouth persona, laughing and shouting through today’s photoshoot in central London’s fancy Gibson studios.

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