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How Employed To Serve are providing the soundtrack for hard times

Unemployment. Family pressures. Rising housing costs. It sucks being young in today’s world – but Employed To Serve have created a monstrous soundtrack to help you through

Hammer is debating the idea of the ‘quarter-life crisis’. While a mid-life crisis might force you to sell your house and buy a convertible or a motorbike, a generation of young people are freaking out at the idea of hitting 30 and having nothing to show for it.

Enter Justine Jones, the 25-year-old vocalist for Woking metallic hardcore mob Employed To Serve. Tonight they’re playing a show in the room above us, at trendy east London pub The Old Blue Last, to mark the release of second album The Warmth Of A Dying Sun – a record coloured by the pressures of growing up.

“When you hit 25, there’s an odd moment where your family suddenly start asking you what you’re doing with your life,” says Justine, sipping on her afternoon beer. “They ask you if you’re going to get married and stuff like that. This record is about being grateful for your current moment in time and not looking too far in the future.”

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