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Louder Than Love: Metal Hammer remembers Chris Cornell

His voice was unmistakable, his presence powerful, and his unexpected passing shocked our world. Hammer’s own Mörat remembers his friend, Chris Cornell

It’s not easy to write about the loss of a friend. The funeral has come and gone, and yet somehow it still feels like there’s been some sort of terrible mistake and that by acknowledging it you’ll make it more real. Perhaps it’s just a coping mechanism. Other times it’s all too real. A song comes on the car radio and all of a sudden there’s this numb feeling, the rest of the journey continued in silence.

I first met Chris Cornell in 1994 when Soundgarden were headlining the Big Day Out tour in Australia. I’d heard that they could be grumpy buggers, difficult to work with, which didn’t bode well for a week spent following them around for a magazine assignment. But despite the band having acquired the nickname ‘Frowngarden’, we got along famously. The memories from that week come flooding back to me now; good times, watching from the side of the stage as Chris sang his heart out into the setting sun, sitting on Sydney’s Coogee Beach at night, sharing jokes and cigarettes as the waves broke gently against the shore, hanging out in bars shooting the shit about motorcycles, music, life in general...

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