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The Golden Gods Awards 2017: Winners in full

From best new band to the Golden God himself, we bring you the comprehensive list of all the winners at this year's Golden Gods

Best New Band

Venom Prison

The Welsh socio-political death metallers have got extreme music locked down

Are you surprised by your success so far?

Larissa Stupar (vocals): “We definitely didn’t expect so many amazing things, especially as we’ve only been a band for two years. Being nominated for the Gods wasn’t even on our radar a year ago, and winning has hit us by surprise!”

How do you think the perception of extreme music is changing?

“Extreme bands are starting to get more accepted within popular culture and are getting more recognition. You see bands playing festivals now, where you could never have imagined them being on the line-up a few years back. People are starting to understand it more and realise it’s not just noise or ‘Devil music’, and recognise it as something technical and creative.”

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