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We went to Danzig’s Blackest Of The Black festival for our darkest holiday yet

Severed limbs. Dudes in gimp masks. And some of the best, heaviest bands around. This is what happened when we went to Danzig's Blackest Of The Black festival

It’s Friday afternoon on a sunny, dry weekend, and a bleak, slate-grey sky looms forebodingly above as we creep along a windy stretch of road that burrows deep into the Santa Ana mountains. Splayed an hour southeast of LA, these dusty hills are one of California’s most haunted sites, plagued by decades of ghost sightings and other sphincter-loosening paranormal activity dating back to the early 1800s. Urban legends fix the area as a hotspot of Satanic rituals, witch covens and cannibalism. Pulling into a blind turn, we see a lone figure plodding up the road, shrouded all in black. As we get closer, we see he’s wearing a Suicide Silence t-shirt. Yay! We made it!

Glenn Danzig couldn’t have selected a more appropriate spot for this year’s Blackest Of The Black. In years past, he’s presented it as a tour, but this year he’s gone all-out, presenting it as an ambitious two-day extravaganza of live music and horror-themed attractions. We went along for the ride...

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