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What happened when we joined In This Moment on their biggest ever tour

From going DIY to career-threatening medical conditions, nothing can stop In This Moment from realising their grand vision. We head Stateside for to join them on tour and find out why…

F]rom the outside, it looks like an ordinary tourbus, casually parked outside a music venue like on any other day of the week. Climb inside, however, and it’s anything but. Swathes of black fabric cover the furniture, the smell of incense fills the air and candles adorn almost every surface possible, creating a peaceful, mystical vibe. Even when Maria Brink, dressed in a long, black gown, sits down and accidentally knocks one of the candles over, she doesn’t panic at the thought of fire or impending doom. Instead, the In This Moment singer simply picks it up and places it back on the table. It’s a plastic flame after all – if there’s going to be a raging inferno, it’ll be when they’re onstage in a few hours. Because In This Moment have what must be one of the most incredible stage shows in alternative music right now.

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