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Could Bent Knee's fourth album be the one to break them into the big time?

Boston’s Bent Knee are hoping album four will be the change needed to let them quit those day jobs. Prog talks to the six-piece about keeping their sense of humour, hard work and "wild boys"

Bent Knee’s visit to Germany last summer included a comedy of errors. The night before the Burg Herzberg festival, several members of the group visited their hotel sauna. Clad in their swimsuits, the American musicians were surprised to discover that everyone else in the sauna was naked. “It was the first time in my life when I felt uncomfortable having clothing on,” recalls violinist Chris Baum.

The following night, Baum, singer Courtney Swain and live sound designer Vince Welch celebrated their triumphant show at the festival by returning to the sauna. This time, the hotel receptionist recommended that they also try the salt baths, too. Heeding the maxim ‘When in Rome…’, the trio decided that they would take off their robes, just like the locals.

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