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Fresh Meat: Introducing your new favourite metal bands

The Doomsday Kingdom, Necrot and Seer are your new favourite bands from the underground

The Doomsday Kingdom

Candlemass founder finds redemption from debilitation

Tony Iommi aside, no one has contributed more to the sound and success of doom metal than Leif Edling. As the founder and creative driving force behind Candlemass, the Swedish bassist has long been acknowledged as an inspirational icon, but when he was diagnosed with an extreme form of chronic fatigue syndrome in 2013, it looked very much as if his extraordinary career was about to grind to a halt. Nothing, however, can stop this man from writing riffs. As he gradually returns to a state of health more conducive to making music for a living, Leif has found time to not only complete a third Avatarium album but also the debut album by his new band, The Doomsday Kingdom. An out-and-out salute to the glory days of the early 80s, when a Dio-led Sabbath and NWOBHM reigned supreme, the quartet’s eponymous debut album is thunderous proof that even a debilitating illness will not stop Leif from following his creative urges.

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