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Prog icons discuss the impact Sgt Pepper had on the prog-rock scene

As the acclaimed eighth Beatles album celebrates its 50th anniversary, prog icons discuss the impact the record had on their scene

Everyone who was there at the time can remember exactly where they were when they first heard Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. For Rick Wakeman, the epiphany came in the living room of his parents’ suburban house in Northolt Park Green, Middlesex as he listened to his father’s old Radiogram.

“The BBC were doing the first playing of it, and I was eagerly awaiting this album, just as everybody was,” recalls Wakeman of hearing The Beatles’ landmark eighth album. “The opening blew me away. I thought, ‘This is just something else.’ And then what came on after it was just, ‘Oh wow, this is completely different.’ The next day I bought it. As did millions and millions of others.”

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From the archive

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