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Re-Union: Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman on what makes Yes so special

Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman united under the ARW banner last year, but they’ve now adopted the Yes moniker. The trio give us an insight into their new music

Trevor Rabin hadn’t played live for almost 20 years when he stepped onstage in Orlando, Florida on October 4, 2016. The guitarist was nervous – surprisingly so for such a seasoned pro – and was wondering what the evening might hold. He was up there with Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman, two musicians whose careers had been inextricably linked with his own over the past three and a half decades as both members of Yes and individual artists in their own right.

The three of them had reconvened earlier in the year under the name ARW in order to revisit their collective past and, hopefully, map out a shining new future. For Rabin, who had built a career as a successful movie soundtrack composer, this was a welcome return to the world in which he had made his name. “The minute I got onstage it felt like I was back home,” the South Africa-born guitarist says today.

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