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Simon Godfrey talks us through his new project Valdez

You probably know him best for his work with Tinyfish and Shineback, but Simon Godfrey has a new project in the works: Valdez. Godfrey and bandmate Tom Hyatt discuss the band's future

Think of Philadelphia and you might – if you passed school geography – recall The City Of Brotherly Love on America’s East Coast. Images of their famous Liberty Bell (or, at least, strains of the Monty Python theme music) might flood your mind. Film fans might conjure scenes from its movies: Trading Places, or those incredible training montages featuring Philly’s favourite fictional son, Rocky Balboa.

Music fans might remember that Philly gave birth to Stan Getz, Hall And Oates and, er, Disco Biscuits, among many others. And if you fancy a bit of weird, you’ll remember that mainstay of urban myths, the ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ in which a massive WW2 ship was rendered invisible.

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