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Goldray: "All the best bands wore capes and stabbed their keyboards with knives"

With their West Coast-style psych and passion to start a new movement, Goldray perfectly capture the spirit of a bygone era while simultaneously making their own stamp on modern music

A band can get a lot done in seven years. The Beatles released 12 albums. The Doors formed, put out six records, lost their singer and wobbled on for another two. Rick Wakeman joined The Strawbs, made an album, left, joined Yes, made another three, left, made four solo records, and joined Yes a second time. But deep in London’s leafy Brockley, things move at a more sedate pace: Psychedelic proggers Goldray, formed in 2010 around a nucleus of former Reef guitarist Kenwyn House and singer Leah Rasmussen, have finally released their debut album, Rising. So what’s taken so long?

“The twisting turns in the road can take you on different paths,” says House, rather mysteriously. “We had various options, but eventually decided to take our own route and do it ourselves.”

“Last August things finally came together,” adds Rasmussen. “We got the right people and the right energy.”

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