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Robert Ramsay: "I’m about as dangerous as a cheese sandwich"

Robert Ramsay’s new album, Confound And Disturb, is about as aptly-named as they come. The Tinyfish/Shineback man reveals all...

By the time Tinyfish played their last show at Celebr8 in 2012, they had released three highly regarded studio albums and played festivals from Poland to Philadelphia, gathering a fiercely loyal following. Main man Simon Godfrey left his motherland and moved Stateside, where he continues to work remotely with the band’s lyricist, narrator and self-described Chief Audience Frightener, Robert Ramsay.

In 2013 the duo released Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed under the Shineback moniker, aided by members of Touchstone, DeeExpus, Darwin’s Radio and The Fierce And The Dead. Now Ramsay is set to frighten audiences in the relative safety of their own home with a solo album, Confound And Disturb. Largely spoken word, this is not your typical prog album, so we needed to find out more.

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