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Photo Diary: Day 2 of 2000 Trees by festival organiser James Scarlett

The second round of 2000 Trees festival 2017 through the eyes of mainman James Scarlett

The first day of 2000 Trees festival was full of fantastic music, so Friday has a lot to live up to. But judging by the line-up assembled, it shouldn't be a problem. Here's what went down in organiser James Scarlett's world.

The two sets that Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes played yesterday were close to being the best we've ever had in the 11 years of 2000 Trees. The best live band in the UK right now without a doubt – utterly incredible. Here's Frank doing the Forest Sessions, which is one of everyone's favourite part about 2000 Trees.

The Black Peaks main stage set felt like a real coming of age for the band – they've grown into a beast of a live band over the last year and deserve to be massive. Main Stage headline in 2019?

Jamie Lenman joining St. Pierre on stage last night was a very special Trees' moment, and a great way to close out their Neu Stage headline slot. Very real proof that the UK rock scene has massive strength in depth right now.

After a day of rock and metal it's always great to see people throw on some headphones and dance to Rihanna at the Headphone Disco. It's funny how sad the security look during this though – I guess lots of out of tune singing isn't that fun if you're not drunk!

The overall vibe this year has been amazing. A lovely crowd, great weather in the Cotswold Hills and amazing bands – what's not to love?

Stay tuned for more 2000 Trees action across the weekend.

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