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Mission accomplished: The story behind Styx's shock new album

After 14 years on the road and without releasing a new album, Styx shocked fans by releasing one out of the blue. Even more shocking is that The Mission is damn good

Given what else he and his wife could do at home on any given night of the week, Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw – and indeed Mrs Shaw – must really like his band’s new album. That’s really, really like it.

“There’s a 5.1 version of it that will come out later in the year,” he says, laughing at the absurdity of what he’s about to say next. “Every so often I ask her: ‘Honey, do you want to get a glass of wine and sit in the studio and just absorb the thing in 5.1?’ And she loves to do that. We get completely lost in the storyline, the experience, the whole thing. It’s just a fucking trip.”

It had better be.

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