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Watch a police officer join in with Slipknot tribute band

The police officer gets involved with hitting Clown's keg at a Slipknowt show

Security sometimes get a bad rep for being heavy-handed or just plain mean, but that wasn't the case at Sixfields Rock Festival in Northampton. During the set of Slipknot over band Slipknowt (see what they did there?) the stage security, who happened to be a real-life police officer, joined in the keg beating of Duality with his own baton! That's pretty metal, right?

Obviously a Slipknot fan, the officer is bouncing around and hitting the steel with everything he's got, accompanied by another festival-goer with a big ol' baseball bat.

But that's not all. Then another guy turns up, adamant he's going to put the wood straight through the big ol' metal barrel, and ends up nearly knocking himself out. The bat ricochets straight off the keg and into his forehead, leaving a cracking lump as a nice souvenir from his time watching Slipknowt.

Although he'll never be as much of a hero as the metalhead police officer. Horns up to that man!

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