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We took Biters record shopping and here's what happened

One band, one record store, £50: What did Biters pick up from their Record Store Challenge?

What positions do you want us in?” Tuk Smith calls over to Classic Rock’s photographer as we begin our photoshoot outside Truck Store in Oxford. “What sexual positions?”

The Biters frontman/mastermind – a slim, tattooed hybrid of Stiv Bators and Noel Fielding – is no wallflower, even at the tail end of a mammoth tour supporting fellow southerners Blackberry Smoke. It’s been a successful, albeit exhausting run of packed shows in enormous venues. Tonight, however, Biters will go rogue and play in a pub deep in the Oxfordshire countryside. The band’s publicist and I don’t realise quite how deep until we’re all driving there in the van later. Smith points incredulously at thatched roofs, which clearly aren’t a ‘thing’ in Atlanta, Georgia. His bandmates look similarly curious. You can’t help wondering how the local audience will greet this whirlwind of leather, styled hair and 70s hooks.

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