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How did everything go so wrong for Necromandus?

They had a genius guitarist, Sabbath’s blessing and Tony Iommi as manager. So how did it all go so wrong for Necromandus? And why is it finally coming together some 45 years later?

Back in the day, when he was the drummer for a heavy metal band, Frank Hall was everyone’s friend. And Frank has a story for every occasion. He was there back in the 70s when Ozzy Osbourne – whom he calls John, “because it’s his real name” – took a shotgun to his chickens in a drunken stupor. “He’d just got back from America. I was staying at his house. I was in bed and I heard this ‘bang, bang, bang’. Bloody woke me up. He set fire to some stables, too. He said they were full of rats. I don’t know what gets into John.”

Hall was the man John Bonham gave his drum kit to. “It was a Ludwig kit with the green sparkle. I said: ‘I wish I had one of those.’ Next thing I know we’re driving down to Bonham’s farm in a Range Rover and shoving it in the back.”

He mixed with Thin Lizzy (“Phil was Phil, he was always looking for the next bird”), Keith Moon (“This one time Moony was playing my drums, and I’m looking at him, thinking: ‘He’s terrible, he can’t play”), and Kray twins associates Chris and Tony Lambrianou (“I wasn’t bothered what I said around them – they knew all I wanted to be was a drummer”).

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