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Watch Nergal transform into his onstage persona

Nergal has posted a time-lapse video of his transformation through make-up

Have you ever wondered how Behemoth's Nergal prepares himself to front one of the most powerful and imposing bands on the planet? He obviously doesn't walk around in corpsepaint and robes (he's actually a rather suave looking gentleman with a moustache we'd kill for), so how does he go from civilian to monster in one fell swoop? Well, now we know.

The man himself has posted a time-lapse video on Instagram of his make-up routine ahead of the band's performance at Chicago Open Air last weekend. Starting with black paint around the eyes and forehead, we see how the frontman transforms into the Beelzebub baiting beast we see onstage.

We've got no idea how long this process takes, but we're guessing it ain't quick. Just imagine how long it takes Wes Borland to get ready!

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