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1998: Remembering Snot, and the untimely death of Lynn Strait

Snot could have been one of nu metal’s most important bands, if it hadn’t been for the tragic death of livewire frontman Lynn Strait

At the time, it would not have been rash to assume that Get Some, Snot’s riotous 1997 debut album, had signalled the arrival of nu metal’s next big thing. Bristling with the bare-knuckled pugnacity of frontman Lynn Strait, its enthralling blend of funk, nu metal and hardcore breathed renewed vitality into the era’s generic alt- rock stagnancy. A vast and auspicious career opened wide before them, but 20 years later, Get Some stands as both a debut and a swansong, their meteoric ascent cut tragically short with Lynn’s death in 1998 along a nasty stretch of Southern California highway.

These days we take it for granted that a new album can reach millions of people instantly thanks to Spotify, YouTube and social media, but in the mid-90s, the Internet remained a remote and exotic vista for many fans. Word-of-mouth was a slow-burning process sparked by mainstream radio exposure, relentless touring and shit-tons of tape-trading among fans.

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