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On the frontlines: Anthrax's Scott Ian remembers the 90s

We all loved the 90s, but how did it feel for the metal stars on the frontline? Anthrax's Scott Ian looks back on the decade

The 90s were a rollercoaster for Anthrax. How did you manage to survive the decade?

“We just refused to stop! By ’95 we’d gone from playing to 3,000 people to suddenly playing in 700- or 1,500-seater venues and our album sales dropped to 150,000 for the Stomp 442 album [released in 1995]. That sounds like a lot now, ha ha! It wasn’t like we put out a shitty record. The young kids just wanted the new shit and bands like us and Slayer and Megadeth were struggling. The whole thing was kinda confusing.”

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