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Introducing Igorrr: metal's maddest new noise

Igorrr’s brutal multi-genre mash-ups are metal’s most exciting new prospect

“It started when I was a teenager looking for a band or an artist destroying all the limits of music, a band able to bring what all the boring mainstream bands could not bring…”

When most musicians claim to be breaking boundaries, it’s hard not to feel a little sceptical. But French maniacs Igorrr are not like other bands and founder, multi-instrumentalist and creative mastermind Gautier Serre is definitely not like other musicians. Ostensibly lurking on the fringes of the tech-metal scene, Igorrr’s music smashes extreme metal, baroque opera, glitchy breakbeat electronica and traditional Balkan music together in a riotous explosion of jarring contrasts and neck-snapping dynamics.

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