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Kim Seviour: "Wherever I’ve gone, I've taken singing with me"

When singer Kim Seviour left Touchstone in 2015 as her battle against a draining fatigue condition intensified, things looked bleak. But now she’s back with her debut solo album

Kim Seviour has not had it easy. Just over two years ago, the singer was forced to quit Touchstone after eventually succumbing to ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome, which left her too exhausted to rehearse and tour. Then last year, the English vocalist’s long-standing battle with depression and anxiety combined with the condition sparked a breakdown, and she was left “incapacitated” for a period of time as she stayed with family.

But she hasn’t given up. Despite still suffering the taxing effects of ME, Seviour has just released her debut solo album Recovery Is Learning, where she has distilled her gruelling experiences into song alongside prolific prog aficionado John Mitchell, who serves as co-writer and producer. It’s both introspective and outward leaning, with the music often steely with rock hues before dissolving into angelic, celestial melody and soundscapes.

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