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Lifesigns take us behind the scenes of their new album Cardington

It’s four long years since Lifesigns’ debut album earned them much acclaim and love on the prog circuit. We find out more about their crowdfunded follow‑up Cardington

The two enormous hangars still dominate the landscape at RAF Cardington, Bedfordshire. The engineers who worked on airships here in the 1920s called them ‘sheds’, and the base became synonymous with this most proggy form of transport.

For a while, it seemed like a whole new future lay ahead, when the skies would be studded with these gargantuan ‘dirigibles’, but tragedy struck in 1930. Taking off from Cardington, the R101 – a 720-feet-long ship loaded with hydrogen – crashed in France during its maiden overseas flight. It was the worst civilian airship disaster in history. The 48 people who lost their lives were buried beneath the Cardington soil, and with them that utopian vision of 20th-century air travel.

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