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Tangerine Dream: "All we ask is that fans listen with open minds"

On their latest album, Tangerine Dream rediscover their love of synths, explore quantum physics and take inspiration from Stranger Things. The remaining Dreamers tell Prog about moving on

Edgar Froese died on January 20, 2015. And for many, that should have signalled the end of Tangerine Dream, the band he’d founded and led since their inception in 1967. But here we are, in 2017, with the Krautrock icons having just released Particles, and with new album Quantum Gate due out in September. And the reason the pioneering electronic band are carrying on is due to… Edgar Froese! “I have to admit that I’d have been very hesitant to continue with Tangerine Dream after he’d died, but he insisted,” explains Thorsten Quaeschning, who joined the band in 2005. “It was an order from Edgar, and you never disobeyed him!”

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