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The Outer Limits: How prog are Alt-J?

Look beyond their mainstream trappings and you’ll find that Alt-J are a band hell-bent on experimentation – so we ask, just how prog are Alt-J?

You could just as easily write an article arguing for Alt-J’s folk credentials as you could their prog ones. In a way, the band – a three-piece since the 2014 departure of bassist Gwil Sainsbury – are a modern prog folk band, or a folk band with electronic (dance) tendencies: “Fairport Convention go to Fabric,” as this writer once dubbed them. Their music is simultaneously intimate (its folkier aspects) and immense (its prog-like grandeur), all with a cinematic ambience beautifully suited to syncs, of which Alt-J have had many over the years, from the movie Silver Linings Playbook to sitcom Scrotal Recall.

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