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The best new rock albums you can buy this week

Accept, Dead Cross and The Nights are among the best new rock album releases you can pick up this week

Accept - The Rise Of Chaos

If Accept still means Balls To The Wall to you, well, join the club, because it still means that to the band too. The German power-metal pioneers really hit their stride with that landmark 1983 release and they’ve been chasing that wrecking ball buzz ever since. Sure, the production is better these days, but under the gloss they remain the same snarling, snapping heavy metal beasts they were back when Udo Dirkschneider was still wielding his truncheon for them."

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Dead Cross - Dead Cross

"When SoCal punk-metal troupe Dead Cross found themselves without a singer in 2016, they turned to Mike Patton to take up the mantle. It was probably the best decision they’ve ever made. This self-titled debut is a whirlwind of relentless, noisy experimentation. Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo’s furious beats set the pace for a collection of songs that tear between alt.metal, hardcore punk and blistering thrash, often all in the space of a single track."

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The Nights - The Nights

"In the wrong hands, The Nights’ debut album could have come across as pure parody. And yet, with their slick melodic rock, with its heart planted firmly in the 80s, their sincerity and genuine passion for the great power ballad generation shine through infectiously."

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Quiet Riot - Road Rage

"The Mk.II Road Rage sounds exciting and energised. Durbin has spirit and commitment, the songs are more rounded, and this comes across as a band who’ve rediscovered their mojo."

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Robin Trower - Time And Emotion

"It‘s ironic that in the 1970s, his guitar playing was sometimes slated for echoing Jimi Hendrix. Nearly 50 years on, Trower’s deftness and dexterity would surely have been admired by the late and greatest guitar god himself. Indeed, had Jimi lived, I’d wager he’d have been making music like this alongside RT."

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The Isley Brothers & Santana - Power Of Peace

"Surely only a churl would baulk at the sentiments presented on the title of this pairing of titans whose reputations were forged in the heady days of the 1960s? While the Isleys are in fine voice throughout, and Carlos Santana’s mastery of his instrument remains as idiosyncratic as ever, your enjoyment of this collection of covers (and one new song) will rather depend on your relationship with the originals."

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