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The Dream Syndicate are back, but what took them so long?

Almost three decades since their last album, how did the Dream guys find themselves recording again?

When Steve Wynn called a halt to his band in 1989, he thought he would stop hearing the words ‘of the Dream Syndicate’ after his name within a year. That didn’t happen. No matter that he made solo records, recorded with Green On Red’s Dan Stuart as Danny & Dusty and with his all-star sports-themed group the Baseball Project, he was always Steve Wynn ‘of the Dream Syndicate’. That’s because the Dream Syndicate were one of the unforgettable groups of the 1980s: an outfit who mixed psychedelia, classic rock and a jam-band looseness in songs that defined LA’s Paisley Underground scene.

In 2012 he reunited the group to play live, and now they’ve made their first album in 29 years, How Did I Find Myself Here?. So what kept them?

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