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The best new metal albums you can buy this week

Venom Inc, The Lurking Fear and Grant The Sun are among the best new metal releases you can get your paws on this week

Venom Inc. - Ave

"Let’s not waste any time arguing about which incarnation of Venom is the real deal; Venom Inc. have arrived, and Avé suggests that they are both a formidable and credible rival to Cronos and his now well-established latter-day henchmen. In fact, the similarities between the two bands are less striking than you might imagine. Venom Inc. are noticeably less dependent on the original band’s blueprint, as shades of guitarist Mantas’s recent work with M-Pire Of Evil intermittently sneak into his ruthless barrage of gnarly riffs, and Tony Dolan’s gargoyle snarls give everything a distinctive character."

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The Lurking Fear - Out Of The Voiceless Grave

"Named after an HP Lovecraft short story and featuring At The Gates’ Tomas Lindberg and Adrian Erlandsson alongside members of Disfear, The Haunted and Skitsystem, Out Of The Voiceless Grave is an urgent and intense opus that’s just as ferocious as their pedigree suggests. Comprised of 12 tunes, all of which were written solely for the band, the songs might be economical in length (nothing breaks the five-minute mark) but there’s no shortage of ideas or raw, primal power. The macabre title track sets the scene nicely and tips its cap to old gothic horror scores before they unleash absolute mayhem on the vicious Vortex Spawn."

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Grant The Sun - Grant The Sun

"These days, everyone seems to be in three or four bands. In the case of Grant The Sun, members have emerged from two of Norway’s most underrated acts – Insense and Beaten To Death – to place a unique twist on multi-layered instrumentality. Towering monoliths of harsh post-metal are caressed by reverb, delay and accelerated tempos before a variety of sub-genres work their way into the mix."

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Atriarch - Dead As Truth

"Atriarch’s fourth full-length is curious in how it presents its doomed-out death-rock – with six songs in 32 minutes, it’s their most succinct effort. Like Neurosis and Swans, Atriarch have masterful control over tension and release, each song executed decisively. The drums churn in tribal rhythms and intermittent blasts, but the guitars take a more submissive role, allowing vocalist Lenny Smith to dominate proceedings."

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Dawn Of Disease - Ascension Gate

"Ever since their inception, this German quintet have made no secret of their affection for Swedish death metal, and that love continues to blossom. Wasting no time since the release of the well-received Worship The Grave last year, their brooding fourth full-length sees DOD explore the darker, more morose side of their sound, adding new depth to proceedings."

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Gravdal - Kadaverin

"Formed in 2005, Gravdal hail from Bergen, Norway and the corpsepainted clan’s take on BM has always reflected that, combining memorable melodies, rocking mid-tempo songwriting and atmospheric grimness. However, Kadaverin is a carefully considered step into daring new territories, the band’s third full- length focusing on complex song structures, avant-garde leanings and a more complex approach."
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