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The Story Behind The Song: Balls To The Wall by Accept

Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann delves into one of the 80s’ most iconic metal anthems

It only took five minutes to write

“When we write songs, 99.9% of the time we start with the music. But in this case at least, we just had that phrase, ‘balls to the wall’. It was noted by my wife, and our manager back then, Gaby, who wrote the lyrics and was responsible for album covers and songtitles. ‘Balls to the wall’ sounded cool, so we decided we needed to write a song with that title. I was sitting at home and suddenly I came up with the riff and the chorus. That was it. It took five minutes. I wrote it at home, put it on a tape and brought it to the guys at the rehearsal room and it took maybe another 15 minutes to completely work it out.”

From the archive

From the archive


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