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Alice Cooper: "Rock music should be arrogant, snotty and have real swagger"

With members of his original band back on board, Alice Cooper has plugged into his prime-time past, reclaimed some lost songs and come up with a new album that’s both classic and modern

Alice Cooper has firm views on what constitutes rock’n’roll. “Rock bands should scare you,” he declares. “They should be arrogant, snotty and have real swagger. There’s some good hard rock bands right now – Foo Fighters, The Struts, Royal Blood – but I can’t believe how many anaemic ones there are. What’s happened to the testosterone in rock’n’roll? The world needs hard rock with attitude, bands who get up there and kill it every night.”

You could hardly accuse Alice of being anaemic. Or, for that matter, holding back on stage. He’s spent most of the past fifty years as the undisputed cock of shock rock, the high priest of Grand Guignol, a man who tore up rock’n’roll, limb by bloody limb, and created high theatre from sex, death and gore. And, more than 50 million album sales later, he’s still at it.

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