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All join together: the forgotten heroes of the jam-band community

From a world record-breaking festival in the 70s to today’s thriving scene (in the US, anyway), we take a look at the under-the-radar innovative improvisers of the jam-band community

Granted, Woodstock was big – but not this big. This was a gathering of tribes like no other. On July 28, 1973 an estimated crowd of 600,000 assembled at the Watkins Glen Raceway in upstate New York for a one-day music festival. Traffic jams tailed back for miles. Some people abandoned their cars on the grass verges, left under a baking sun, and walked the rest of the way. Many were so far back from the stage that they couldn’t see it at all, and could barely hear the sound pumped out to them via 16 delay towers, cranking out 24,000 watts of power.

From the archive

From the archive


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