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Chris Robinson: "We’re free to do whatever we want"

Freed from the constraints of the Black Crowes and record company pressure, Chris Robinson is finally living the dream with his new-found, laid-back band of brothers

“I have a lot of stories to tell and we’re having so much fun,” declares Chris Robinson. “If this band is our garden, all we have to do is tend the vegetables – we don’t have to deal with any showbiz trips or ego trips. This is where we live and we’re a family. And we built this little caravan that goes around and lays out the vibes.”

Singer/guitarist Robinson is clearly a happy man these days. Formerly the frontman of southern rockers the Black Crowes, alongside guitarist brother Rich, he now heads up California’s Chris Robinson Brotherhood. It’s a joyous, jam-oriented band of seasoned players – guitarist Neal Casal, drummer Tony Leone, bassist Jeff Hill and ex-Crowes keyboard player Adam MacDougall – where country, soul, funk and roots rock coalesce under a vast canopy of blissful psychedelia.

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