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Derek Trucks: "Oftentimes the things that come right after a slip are the best"

Mild-mannered guitar maestro Derek Trucks might just be improvisation’s best-kept secret currently on the jam-band circuit

According to the Louisiana slide-guitar maestro Sonny Landreth, it took all of five seconds to identify Derek Trucks as the great white hope of the jam-band scene.

“I first heard Derek when he was a kid,” Landreth told this writer. “I saw this clip on the news, this little kid playing slide. With everything being so accessible on the internet, it’s chops galore, so here’s another cute kid playing guitar. But it was a whole different thing with him, right from the get-go. I remember me and my bass player, Dave Ranson, we looked at each other and said: ‘Yep, that kid’s got it. That’s an old soul there.’”

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From the archive


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