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Meet Triggerfinger, the biggest Belgian band you've never heard of

Triggerfinger might be “crazy old men in suits”, but the Belgian group's brand of wide-ranging alt.blues rock has seen them sword-fight with the Stones and fill the Foo Fighters' shoes

Imagine yourself at a rock festival and news circulates that the Foo Fighters won’t be playing tonight because Dave Grohl has taken a swan dive off the stage in Gothenburg. But not to worry, because their slot will filled by a bunch of greying Belgians called Triggerfinger. If that happened in the UK there would likely be a riot, or at least a flurry of requests for a refund. But it’s a measure of how loved Triggerfinger are in mainland Europe that just such a shuffle at Holland’s Pinkpop in 2015 was accepted, maybe even welcomed. “And it was a fantastic show, by the way,” Triggerfinger drummer Mario Goossens says with a grin.

Some bands are enormous, full stop. Others expand and contract, depending on the time zone. For example, it’s fair to say that the title of Triggerfinger’s fifth album, Colossus, is wholly fitting in Belgium or Holland, where notching up platinum sales (20,000 and 40,000 respectively) and playing 8,000-capacity venues are par for the course. Yet in Britain – despite a shop-window support at the Stones’ Hyde Park show in 2013 – they don’t mean much at all.

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