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Headcrusher: "There’s way more to Texas than Pantera"

Meet Headcrusher, the Texas quartet spearheading the next wave of American riff worship with new album Death Comes With Silence

You know a band have hit the target when their riffs make you want to run through a brick wall. Formed in Colombia but resident in Austin, Texas, since 2008, Headcrusher have several wheelbarrows full of riffs like that. Flying the flag for uncompromising modern metal, they are also keen to confirm that there is much more to the Lone Star State than Stetsons and Dimebag.

“Obviously, lots of people immediately think about Pantera when they think of Texas, and we love Pantera!” laughs frontman Kike. “But there’s way more than that in Texas. The thrash scene is vicious, death metal here is brutal and then you can find anything you want across the extreme metal spectrum. We’ve felt a lot of warmth from the scene since we came here.”

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