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So This Is Suffering are creating deathcore with a purpose

Introducing LA quartet So This Is Suffering: they're deathcore diehards and proud of it

Despite enjoying a new wave of popularity of late, deathcore remains one of the most scorned of metallic subgenres. Few bands seem eager to embrace the tag, but then few bands are as ruthlessly effective within the deathcore sphere as So This Is Suffering. As their new album, Palace Of The Pessimist, brutally demonstrates, this Los Angeles quartet are deathcore to the, erm, core…

“Deathcore is my life’s work!” declares bassist James Williams. “Deathcore has given me a purpose in this world. Everything in my life that makes me who I am, or brings me happiness, is because of this music. I live and breathe this music, and I have done since I was 13 years old. It was the first thing I really fell in love with, and I haven’t turned back. I feel that deathcore has come such a long way, and it gets better and better every year.”

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