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The best new metal albums you can buy this week

Thy Art Is Murder, Eluveitie and Attic are among the best new metal album releases you can pick up this week

Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation

"Seemingly riding high on the acclaim of 2015’s Holy War, Thy Art Is Murder had the rug swiftly pulled out from underneath their feet when powerhouse frontman CJ McMahon publicly announced his departure from the band, leaving his former comrades to soldier on with a revolving cast of able but ultimately throwaway stand-ins – only for CJ to return a year later. Dear Desolation seems to have been rushed out in a bid to capitalise on the reunion’s momentum, forsaking the scope and incisive riffing of its predecessor for a cudgel and catharsis through wanton thuggery. However, alongside fellow Aussies Aversions Crown, the band understand both fundamentals of the deathcore formula better than most, utilising ugly atmospherics while keeping frenzied, technical riffing and the hostility of beatdown hardcore in perfect balance."
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Eluveitie - Evocation II – Pantheon

"Stripped of their heavier sensibilities, and with founder and multi-instrumentalist Chrigel Glanzmann foregoing death growls, Evocation II… is carried by a serene, elemental sense of mystery."

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Attic - Sanctimonious

"Are Attic Mercyful Fate reincarnated? They transcend tribute by distancing themselves musically from their main inspiration, adopting a more melodic heavy metal sound while incorporating flashes of melodic Scandinavian BM, as in the title track."

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The Hirsch Effekt - Eskapist

"These German alchemists already have a compelling trilogy of albums, and their fourth is a resounding exercise in dismantling expectations. Lifnej thunders out with a flurry of notes and fiendish vocals before evolving into a lush wilderness. Xenophotopia and the 14-minute Lysios encapsulate impetuous techmetal, big-band bombast and dreamy passages into cohesive wholes, with the latter ebbing, flowing and heading off on obscure tangents, not least piercing saxophone noodling."

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InVisions - Never Nothing

"InVisions have an unwavering tenacity when it comes to challenging the ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach to metalcore. At its most visceral, Never Nothing boasts the kind of nail-gargling roars reminiscent of Miss May I’s Levi Benton alongside crushing riffs akin to old-school thrash."

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