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Is there space for politics within metal music?

Body Count frontman, activist, actor and hip hop legend Ice-T weighs in on why metal can take a stand

In 1992, Body Count courted the wrath of the media and the government with Cop Killer, a song written in protest at the escalating levels of police brutality towards young black men. Twenty five years later, we ask Ice-T whether politicised metal will take centre stage again.

Do you think the state of the world in 2017 will lead to more political statements in metal?

“It happened in the 60s, man. It happened in the 80s. It happens when politics is so real that you can’t get around it. When the Vietnam War was going on, it was kinda hard to sing, ‘Don’t worry, be happy!’ Shit was too real. When shit gets real, I have to address it. My opinion about political shit is that everybody should be political.”

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From the archive


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