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Has modern metal become too narrow-minded?

Ben Weinman of Dillinger Escape Plan, Eddie Hermida of Suicide Silence and Jami Morgan from Code Orange get together to discuss whether we need to broaden our metal horizons

The Dillinger Escape Plan are about to bow out after 20 years of breaking down genres and redefining what it means to be a heavy band. Suicide Silence, meanwhile, threw a grenade at their own fanbase by ripping up the deathcore rulebook and sticking a middle finger up at the scene with this year’s self-titled album. Finally, Code Orange ripped up a few formulas themselves with this year’s bold, brilliant and genre-spanning Forever. All three bands embody everything that’s great about the spirit of metal, but none have ever been truly embraced by certain corners of our scene. We gather Dillinger guitarist Ben Weinman, Suicide Silence frontman Eddie Hermida and Code Orange drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan to ask whether metal culture needs to broaden its horizons.

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From the archive


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