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Chelsea Wolfe: "Magic and science are sometimes the same thing"

Chelsea Wolfe’s eerie yet elemental music has enraptured fans across the musical landscape. Her latest album sees her reaching new levels of universal catharsis

Every once in a while a musician comes along who has the rare ability to unite people from the most different fields of interests and walks of life, addressing primal feelings and ideas – often dark ones – that lie hidden in us all. One of those musicians is Chelsea Wolfe from California. It’s hard to put into words what exactly created the spark that made neo-folk, metal and electronica fans alike catch fire, the reason for that probably being that her music resonates on a level far beyond the conscious mind and rational thought. Chelsea’s eerie and atmospheric songs come from a more visceral, archaic and elemental place that you’ll instinctively feel connected to. They have the ability to sound comfortably familiar and disturbingly strange at the same time. It’s not least this passion for contrast and opposites that makes Chelsea Wolfe fascinating, and it courses through the current release, Hiss Spun, her sixth album in only seven years.


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