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Make metal rage again: Why Prophets Of Rage are this year's most important band

Formed as a reaction to today’s political madness, Prophets Of Rage have been preaching their gospel around the world. But can they change it? We went to Luxembourg to find out...

Fuck Trump. Those are the words taped to the back of Tom Morello’s guitar, held aloft for all to see while he plays a solo with his teeth, because of course he does.

We’re packed tightly into the sweaty Rockhal venue in south-west Luxembourg, as Prophets Of Rage lay waste to thousands of bodies. They’re midway through their first European tour, playing festivals and shows designed to make metal rage again in the wake of America’s elections and a worldwide spread of disturbing far-right rhetoric. But will metalheads heed their call to action? Tom thinks so.

“The conquest of Europe is well underway,” he laughs before tonight’s show, relaxing backstage in a room set up by the band’s masseuse. “It’s been exciting to go out and rock fools and sear their faces!”

“I’ve never seen three wheelchairs getting passed along in pits,” co-vocalist Chuck D adds. “Hellfest was the first gig where I just could not see the end of the audience – and I recently had laser eye surgery!”

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