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Vulture Industries on the absurd, degenerate art and oblivion

Vulture Industries’ vivid theatre of the absurd has been beguiling audiences for more than a decade, but it’s a mirror held up to the tempestuous times we live in

Degenerate art’, or ‘Entartete Kunst’ in the tongue of its origin, was a term given by the Nazis to all works of art that did not promote their militant ideology of racial purity. They knew that propaganda was a powerful weapon, and it was wielded with ruthless efficiency by Hitler’s close confidante, Joseph Goebbels. He knew that if they could control the kind of messages people received, they could heavily influence their thoughts. Any art that encouraged people to think for themselves was derided, banned, and in the most extreme cases, burned.

It would serve us well not to forget lessons learned the hard way more than 70 years ago. Europe’s political spectrum has shifted to the right in recent years, with hateful rhetoric on the rise. You only need to think back to the front pages of the right-wing British media in the recent general election to know that dark forces haven’t forgotten the power of propaganda.


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