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These Game Of Thrones album covers are brilliant

An artist on Instagram has reimagined classic album covers with a Game Of Thrones twist

Digital artist Steven Lear (aka Why The Long Play Face?) is known for his Star Wars album mash-ups, having given everyone from U2 to Kendrick Lamar a galactic makeover. But now it appears as though his attention has turned to Westeros and has been redesigning classic album art with a Game Of Thrones motif.

As you can see in the Instagram posts below, Steven knows a classic album sleeve when he sees one, mashing up the likes of Dark Side Of The Moon, Hounds Of Love and Rage Against The Machine with Starks, Targaryens, Cleganes and (of course) dragons.

Here are some of the best.

You can follow Why The Long Play Face? on Twitter and Instagram for even more mash-ups!

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