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Meet Wayward Sons: "Rock is dead? Absolute load of balls. Total toss"

Toby Jepson’s rockers Wayward Sons emerge with a forthright album – and a message for Gene Simmons

He has enjoyed an impressive 30-plus year career with Little Angels, Gun, Fastway and many more, but as he entered 2017 Toby Jepson was busying himself as an in-demand producer rather than
a vocal-powerhouse frontman.

It all changed when he was approached by record label Frontiers about putting together a new project. The first thought was a new solo album (his last was 2013’s Raising My Own Hell), but Jepson quickly decided otherwise.

“We thought about doing a solo thing, but I had tried those acoustic solo tours and I always felt naked without a band,” he says. “I can’t do it as Toby Jepson, it’s ridiculous. I spoke about putting a band together and I felt compelled to do it. It’s so hard to get a record deal in this industry, so it was a privilege to have them come to me. They just said to go make the record and they’d hear it when it was done. I’ve never had that. I don’t know why they were so confident!”

With a record deal in the bag, Jepson put together Wayward Sons, tapping Sam Wood (guitar), Nic Wastell (bass), Dave Kemp (keys) and Phil Martini (drums). Jepson was confident that his bandmates would gel, but some of them met for the first time only when they got into the rehearsal room.

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