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Threshold: "Sometimes it's good to shake things up a bit"

Two decades after he was last in the line-up, vocalist Glynn Morgan reunites with Threshold as they embrace their prog proclivities on Legends Of The Shires

Sometimes you have to take a step backwards before you can move forwards. It’s been a time of change within the ranks of Threshold. Guitarist Pete Morten left the fold in February, then vocalist Damian Wilson was released from his duties in March. Glynn Morgan, who last sang with Threshold in 1996, is back as the band release their 11th studio recording, the massive – in every sense – double concept album Legends Of The Shires.

“We’d rather not dredge that up,” says keyboard player Richard West when Prog broaches the prickly subject of the recent departures. “With no disrespect to the last line‑up, sometimes change is good and it shakes things up a little bit. Certain areas were getting a bit stale and a bit awkward in the band and it’s an opportunity to have a new beginning and move on. At the moment, we feel like we’re in a good place, everyone’s happy, we love what we’ve done, can’t wait to get out there to play it.”

Morgan might have waited two decades to return to Threshold, but he had no doubts about rejoining the band when the call came.

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