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Tigertailz: "I think Pepsi would have admired our persistence"

There’ll be plenty of oldies and nostalgia at the Tigertailz special gig in Nottingham - they join us to tell us more

Guitarist Jay Pepper checks in as the Welsh glam-metallers commemorate the passing of their co-founding bassist Pepsi Tate (inset, above) with a one-off charity gig at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham.

Does it seem like a decade ago that Pepsi Tate passed away?

We’ve just pulled together a video for Fall In Love Again from our first album, and most of the available footage was quite old – my God, how the illness [pancreatic cancer] decimated him. So no, I can’t really believe it.

Tell us about the Pepsi you knew.

He was bombastic and full of life, a pleasure to be around. He only had forty-two years but he filled them to the brim. Pepsi and I shared a very silly sense of humour, but he was also very motivated and fun to be with. A really explosive character.

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