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The Kentucky Headhunters preview their 2017 UK dates

After their belated first UK visit last year, they’re back in October

Last summer, at the behest of Black Stone Cherry, Kentucky Headhunters toured Europe for the very first time. Rhythm guitarist/singer Richard Young, father of BSC’s John Fred, previews a second visit from the southern rock band.

After the tour was a success, did the Black Stone Cherry lads say: “We told you so”?

Oh, we heard that a thousand times [laughs]. Getting to see my son’s band headline the Ramblin’ Man Fair and for the Headhunters to play with them there was a real shot in the arm for us, too.

By that point the Headhunters had existed in one form or another for forty-eight years, and you were sixty. Did you have to pinch yourself?

I sure did. My problem was a fear of flying, but I got over that. But looking back on it now, had we made the journey earlier, it probably wouldn’t have been as fulfilling or life-enriching. That’s why we’re coming back on our own, without Black Stone Cherry to lean on, and that’s very exciting.

Kentucky Headhunters’ current album, On Safari, was recorded in just three days following the death of your father. You’ve suggested that a “higher spirit” was at work.

There’s no doubt about it. Losing my dad was such a shock to myself and my brother Fred [drummer with the Headhunters] because he was the patriarch of the family. Making the record was a healing process, and for the whole band it felt as though he was there looking over our shoulders.

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